Can orthotics improve my posture and reduce pain?

1 in 6 Australians experience some form of back pain, and these problems often lead to poorer quality of life, psychological distress, bodily pain, and disability.

Your feet are the basis for your entire foundation. They play a crucial role in how you walk and stand, affecting your gait. An incorrect gait can disrupt the alignment of your spine and result in complications with your lower back, hips, and knees.

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Preventing Common Foot Problems

Our feet and lower legs are often our first line of defence against the strains of the day. Whether commuting to work, jogging or hitting the squat rack at the gym, the frequent, repetitive stresses of daily life can contribute to developing a wide variety of common foot conditions & problems.

Mobile podiatrists can provide preventative advice or treatment for these conditions from the comfort of your own home, helping ensure that your feet can continue to carry you through your day.

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How Should I Prepare for my Podiatrist Appointment?

Here at Grace Podiatry we understand the importance of foot health, and how difficult pain in your feet can disrupt your life and lifestyle whether you are young or in aged care. Because of this pain, you might have recently booked an appointment. So how do you prepare for this podiatrist appointment? 

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What Pain in Different Areas of the Foot Could Mean

Our feet are responsible for keeping us upright and walking around. The foot, however, is an extremely complex structure with many muscles, tendons and bones all working in conjunction with each other to absorb shock and propel us forward to walk or run. Pain in the foot can indicate that something is wrong but there are so many different injuries that can occur. How and where the pain occurs can be clues as to what is wrong. Continue reading “What Pain in Different Areas of the Foot Could Mean”

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