Aged Care Podiatry

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Services and Treatment

  • Corns and Callus treatment
  • Ingrowing nails
  • Arthritic Conditions
  • Orthotics
  • Strapping and taping
  • Pressure offloading
  • Heel pain
  • Foot pain
  • Diabetic foot assessments and treatment
  • Peripheral vascular disease and neuropathy
  • Doppler blood flow assessments
  • Wound care

Reasons seniors should book an Appointment

Our feet cover many thousands of miles in our lifetime. As we get older, many of us may develop pain and injury. To help maintain good foot health, seniors should regularly see a Podiatrist for assessment, prevention and treatment of these issues or any other foot problems that may arise.

A podiatrist can help with:


Proper foot hygiene is very important, but often overlooked by the elderly. Podiatrists can advise you how to best look after your feet and what measures you can take to promote optimal foot health. They will assess all key points such as proper washing techniques, how to moisturise to avoid dryness and cracking while preventing tinea and fungal nail infections.

Foot Assessment

Seniors, and especially those with complex health issues including Diabetes may sustain minor cuts, abrasions or ulcers on their feet without even realising it. A podiatrist can perform a thorough inspection of your feet to identify any injuries and ensure that they are properly treated, before they become something more serious.

Nail Care

Long, thickened nails can press against the end of your shoe, causing soreness, infection or ulceration. Alternatively, toenails that have been poorly cut can become ingrown, which can also lead to infection. A podiatrist can carry out a medical pedicure and give appropriate footwear advice to ensure you avoid any of these painful problems.

Specialised care for diabetics and arthritis sufferers

For anyone with long-term conditions such as diabetes or arthritis, feet are particularly vulnerable. Podiatrists can analyse and prescribe appropriate foot care measures for seniors who suffer from these conditions.

Choose the right shoe

Wearing the appropriate, comfortable and correctly fitted shoes is essential to maintaining foot health. Our Podiatrists offer great advice regarding the best footwear to support and protect your feet while maintaining mobility and independence. They can also help seniors determine whether or not custom made shoes will be necessary.

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