Mobile Podiatry: The Convenience of Home Visits

There are any number of reasons someone may not be able to, or may not wish to, visit a traditional podiatric clinic. No matter the reason, you should still be able to receive quality podiatric care.

This is where mobile podiatry can help. Mobile podiatrists help bridge the gap in access to care so that as many patients as possible have access to the podiatric care they need. 

Limited Mobility

For many, due to chronic illness or disability, they may lack the mobility required to travel to visit a podiatric clinic. This illness or disability affecting your mobility may not affect the lower leg or foot, but some lower leg or foot conditions that a podiatrist treats will reduce your mobility. Mobile podiatrists help address the concern that your health condition may prevent you from accessing a podiatrist.

This limited mobility need not only apply to those with physical movement impairments. A lack of access to transport, be that a car, bike or bus, could be another great reason to see a mobile podiatrist.

If being unable to get to a podiatric appointment is a concern, please consider a mobile podiatrist.

Aged Care

While for many seniors, limited mobility may be the most significant barrier to visiting a podiatrist. There are many more reasons that someone in this age group needing podiatric care may not actively seek it.

As people grow older, many will begin to need greater assistance in their old age. This may mean needing a carer, assisted living or moving into an aged care facility.

Podiatric services should be part of the care plans drafted for a senior as part of one of the above services, and mobile podiatry can often be the most practical solution for delivering this care.

It can often be much easier and more convenient to sync a mobile podiatrist visit with your visit as a carer or to see several patients at an aged care facility. 

Any GPs or Organisations can contact Grace Podiatry here.

Anxiety & Sensory Sensitivities

People with sensory sensitivities, anxiety or agoraphobia may struggle in the clinic setting itself, amongst the hustle and bustle of other patients or on the streets outside the clinic. 

A home visit podiatrist may help put these patients at ease.

Treatment in the comfort of your own home means there are fewer unknown variables, and you, the patient, remain in control of your environment. Patients treated in their own home may experience less anxiety and stress related to the appointment, helping ensure they receive the care they need.

Mobile Podiatry can be an incredibly convenient solution for those with anxieties regarding crowds or the clinical setting.

For many, mobile podiatry may be the perfect solution. 

Grace Podiatry are your local Perth podiatrists, providing home podiatry visits to patients throughout the Greater Perth Area. If you have any foot or lower leg concerns, contact us here to find out how we can help you.

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