The Benefits of a Sports Podiatrist

Grace Podiatry provides first-rate sports podiatrist care to you at home, eliminating the need for, or inconvenience connected with, visiting a clinic.

We understand the strains placed on your feet and the needs required to compete at your highest level. If you notice your feet are especially painful or if you have discomfort in your feet, lower legs, or ankles, you should consult a sports podiatrist.

Sports Podiatry

Sports Podiatry Consultation

When your foot makes contact with the ground, it welcomes force from the earth up through your foot’s bones and muscles, causing pressure. We can work together to reduce the consequences of this force on your foot so you can keep moving.

Athletes are especially vulnerable to foot injuries due to the nature of their profession. Here at Grace Podiatry, we take pride in getting our patients back on their feet and doing what they love as soon as possible, so you may resume training and competition as quickly as feasible. 

We understand that you need to return to your sport. We will determine the source of your injury, how long it has been bothering you, any additional injuries that may be related to it, and your treatment aspirations. We will then custom-tailor a treatment plan for you so that you may return to training and your favourite sport. 

Sports Podiatry Beyond Treatment

A skilled sports podiatrist, such as Grace Podiatry, can devise a plan of action that extends far beyond the treatment of any injury or discomfort an athlete may be experiencing.

We go the additional mile and can propose footwear or lightweight orthotics adapted to the demands of any sport you participate in, ensuring you can continue running, jumping, and kicking well after therapy.

Sports Podiatry for All Ages

With over 25 years of experience, Grace Podiatry offers Sports Podiatry to all ages: 

  • Children and students that are interested in participating in school or community club teams
  • Walkers and runners, whether competitive or for leisure
  • Dancers
  • Recreational athletes of all sports
  • Professional athletes
  • Anyone else seeking professional sports podiatry diagnosis, guidance, and treatment.

If you are looking to see a sports podiatrist about any suspected injury or discomfort in your feet or lower leg, look no further than Grace Podiatry.

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