Mobile Podiatry: The Convenience of Home Visits

There are any number of reasons someone may not be able to, or may not wish to, visit a traditional podiatric clinic. No matter the reason, you should still be able to receive quality podiatric care.

This is where mobile podiatry can help. Mobile podiatrists help bridge the gap in access to care so that as many patients as possible have access to the podiatric care they need.  Continue reading “Mobile Podiatry: The Convenience of Home Visits”

The Benefits of Podiatric Care For Seniors

Our bodies experience an incredible amount of wear and tear throughout the course of our lives. Unfortunately, as we get older, our recovery slows, and the little traumas of the day can begin to build up. 

Unlike other areas of the body, our feet are under near-constant stress, supporting our weight over countless distances and getting smacked against all manner of things. For seniors, foot health is especially important as foot conditions are prevalent in this age group. Continue reading “The Benefits of Podiatric Care For Seniors”

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