How to Know When Your Orthotics Need to Be Replaced

Orthotics are prescription medical devices that you wear inside of your shoes to treat foot or limb problems such as corns and callus, foot ulcerations, tendonitis, recurrent ankle sprain, heel pain and other issues. They can also sometimes be prescribed to alleviate hip and lower back pains.

Orthotics are for people of all ages (yes even young children) and while they are similar to shoe inserts in that they both relieve pressure and pain in the feet, orthotics are different because they are custom made by an experienced and qualified Podiatrist to perfectly fit the patient’s foot and to support their individual needs and requirements.

If you have recently been prescribed orthotics you may be wondering how often they need to be replaced. Well, while most custom orthotics will generally last you one to five years, a number of factors could influence your need for a replacement sooner or later than that.

Some reasons why your orthotics may need to be replaced include:

Material selection – The type of material that your orthotics are made from will have an impact on how long they will last. Orthotics made from hard materials like plastic or graphite tend to last longer than orthotics made from soft materials like silicone or cork.

Worn out or broken   If your orthotics are cracked, torn or the soles have been worn thin, it could worsen your foot or limb problems instead of treating them.

Pain – Orthotics do require some time to break in (usually around two weeks), but if you are very uncomfortable or experiencing pain during or after this period then we recommend that you book another appointment with us for a reassessment and replacement.

Usage rate – Orthotics are designed to provide support and cushioning for everyday walking as well as jogging, running, hiking and other sporting activities, but the latter usages will likely wear out your orthotics much more quickly.

Body changes – If you have recently grown taller, gained weight or become pregnant, you may need to schedule an appointment with us to organise a new custom pair of orthotics.


How we can help

At Grace Podiatry, we are a mobile Podiatry that specialises in orthotics in Perth. We are experienced and qualified Podiatrists who can see patients of all ages in the comfort of their own private home or transitional accommodation.

When we visit you, we will conduct a comprehensive examination which includes a biomechanical assessment (an examination of the structure and alignment of your foot, ankle, knee and leg as well as a visual gait analysis and check of your joint flexibility among other things).

We will then take accurate 3D scans of your feet and will write up a prescription for our lab which includes all the parameters you need in a great pair of orthotics.

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